Cardiff personal branding photographer
Cardiff personal branding photographer
Cardiff actor headshots
Cardiff actor headshots
Cardiff actor headshots
Cardiff actor headshots
Business headshots Wales
Business headshots Wales
Cardiff social media profile headshots
Cardiff social media profile headshots
Show yourself. Put your best face forward.
Who are your clients?
Anyone that needs a strong, interesting, eye-catching photograph of themselves. Obviously a lot of actors and performers need headshots, but really anyone can make use of a strong professional headshot these days. If you have an Instagram account, a LinkedIn profile, or a website, what images are you using to represent yourself? Selfies and holiday snaps look amateurish and unprofessional and may not be sending the right first impression.
Where is your studio?
I'll send you the exact address when you book, but its in Cardiff, near all the retail parks on Newport Road.
Can I bring a friend / my mum?
If you're under 18 then you must bring an adult with you. Otherwise if you feel more comfortable bringing someone with you that's fine. But I can only photograph you.
What should I wear?
All the "rules" will tell you to wear plain simple neutral clothes, with no distracting patterns. I say, wear whatever you want. If you like it, and it makes you feel good, bring it along. Bring as many different outfits as you can carry so we have options on the day.
Can I change my hair/makeup during the shoot?
Yes, that's fine. Don't plan anything too elaborate that going to eat into your session time too much. I usually recommend starting with your hair and makeup very natural and then adding more later if necessary.
How many pictures do you take?
As many as we need to. I don't count, and there's no artificial limit.
How many pictures do I get?
The short session includes the first 2 retouched images, the full session includes 4, and the extended session includes 8. You're free to choose as many additional ones as you like at a cost of £30 each.
Do you airbrush the pictures?
"Airbrush" is not really the right term, but yes, your final selections will be retouched, colour graded, cropped and adjusted to make them look their best. The retouching will be subtle and natural looking and usually amounts to simply removing any temporary marks/blemishes and gently smoothing out skin. So don't worry if you have a spot on the day - its a simple task to remove it later.
Can I have all the unedited images?
No. Your proofs will be watermarked and are not for use. I don't let any high resolution images out of the studio unretouched because neither you or I want them to be seen that way. And I don't trust anyone else to do the retouching to a suitable standard. The only exception is for commercial work where a professional retoucher is involved.
What am I allowed to do with the pictures?
Copyright law states that the photographer owns any pictures they take. So the pictures officially belong to me. However, you get a wide-ranging licence to use the pictures - you can use them however you like EXCEPT for commercial use (i.e. paid advertising). If you plan to supply the images to a third party (for example, a magazine or website) then you should discuss this with me first. It is of course fine to supply them to your agent/manager to use for your publicity. As the owner of the images, I retain the right to use them for my own publicity and marketing purposes (e.g. my portfolio, website and social media). If you do need a commercial usage licence then we can discuss this before the shoot.
How long does it take to get the pictures?
Your proof gallery will be ready within 48 hours, although often the same day. I ask people to allow a week for the retouching, but it's usually quicker and depends on how many images you request. If you need them in a hurry, let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate.
What if I don't like the pictures?
I shoot with the camera connected directly to a computer so we can discuss the pictures as we go and adjust anything that you don't like. If you don't like the general style of my photography then please don't book me and expect something different. There's plenty of pictures here to give you a rough idea of what to expect.
But what if I'm not photogenic?
I don't really believe there's such a thing as photogenic. There's good and bad photography. Some people are more "conventionally attractive" than others. But the whole point of your headshots is that they are realistic, trustworthy photographs of what you actually look like. Obviously I'll try and make you look as good as possible, but you have to be honest with yourself and have realistic expectations. Social media is not a good guide to what real people look like!
Can you come to our office?
Yes. This is often the best option for businesses. All my equipment is mobile, so I can bring everything I need to set up a studio at your location. Once everything is ready we can photograph as many people as you need. Please get in touch and we'll sort out the logistics and a bespoke quote.
Is there anything you don't shoot?
Oh yes! I don't photograph babies, maternity shoots, couples or families, or pets. And I don't do glamour/boudoir style shoots. I am happy to photograph children that are old enough to take some direction.
Can I buy prints?
Most people are looking to receive the images as digital files, but if you'd like to buy prints of your images I can offer these. We can discuss what you need and I'll work out the cost on a case by case basis.
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