I've worn a few different photography hats over the years. I started as a newspaper photographer, shooting everything from breaking news to international sport, still lifes to golden wedding anniversaries, portraits of politicians to award ceremonies.
I photographed weddings for a while, still in my photojournalistic style.
I've done lots of commercial and corporate work for companies big and small.
I now work extensively in film and television, working for Disney, Sky, HBO, Netflix, Lucasfilm and many others, shooting on-set production stills for publicity and marketing, as well as studio work for posters. You can see a lot of this work on my other website - www.simonridgway.com
All along, the one thing I've always strived for in my work is authenticity. Even when I'm working on the set of a big budget fantasy TV show, my pictures are still true representations of what's in front of me. Documenting what's actually there has always been more interesting to me than faking stuff.
As a headshot and portrait photographer I'm still striving for that authenticity. Your headshots should represent the real you. In a world where AI can create almost anything, and retouching can fix the rest, they should be images that people can trust.
Simon Ridgway - Cardiff headshot and portrait photographer
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